editoris compilation #3

editoris compilation #3

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The "Black Tape" is editoris' third cassette compilation which includes 15 tracks by artists from USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Israel, Panama, and Norway.



Manor - The Morning Has Gold In Its Mouth

Gardensnakes - Crawlin' Slowly

Jan Flu - Lacrosse

Keren Ilan - So Many Times

Get The Fuck Outta Dodge - Let's Get Fucking Physical

Archie Sagers - I Don't Wanna Leave Home

Lilo Sánchez - El Tesoro (Feat. Capalove)

Novelistme - Problem


Openness - Rush Off

DOMS - Destruct

Val Son - Old Friends

TVRBO - Gamuza

The Man In The Bottle - Mean World

Day and Dream - Paralysis By Analysis

Club Hula - Dolphins Are Fun



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