ITALICS promises the highest quality of ultra voilence with "Red Letter Day"

ITALICS was born in 2012, their first record “Neon Black” was published in 2015 followed by “Modern Times” in 2018 through Nosebleed Records. ITALICS also is theauthor of de "Cinco Iniciados" which they have preferred to release in anonymity. We can only speculate about who are the real authors which are rumored to be: Adolfo Cupas, Roberto Alemán, Dirk Tapia, Diego Alemán y Joe I. de Roux.

In 2020, ITALICS formalized their partnership with Editoris for the release of "Volumes On Violence," two songs that mark the confinement of humanity throughout the passing of time. This EP has been conceptualized under the existential idea that references the connect of mortality and duality of man and his counterpart established since when we were born until we die.

VOLUMES ON VIOLENCE has a focus on the pure essence of man in which he destroys to create, not only his surroundings, but himself as well. Red Letter Day is a reference to the most important day after we are born, our death. It is the
day that you go around a red circle. Never forgetting what surrounds us. The theme of this song is something personal, but goes hand in hand with the stated analogy. The image of a empty beach, references an analogy not only of the human introduction to a empty and lonely world, but also of the purgatory that can be seen in nature.

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