TVRBO presents “Algo Nuevo Algo Viejo”

TVRBO is the side project of Carlos Castrellón (Polyphase, Big Fat Hen) started in 2016. Since their first EP, “0” the band has mixed alternative/indie rock with digital elements, sounds, 8bit, and artificial sounds.

On their new single "Algo Nuevo Algo Viejo” the band continues to use the
same formula that contributed to the success of their first two EPs. “Algo Nuevo Algo Viejo”, is not about a person, but more about a feeling, says Castrellón. "We all have a relationship that extends throughout time and that at one moment revives under other terms changing the dynamic of the feeling itself, but always so profound that it blinds you. The track is a sneak peek to their next EP, “R/C”, that will be released in the next few months under the Editoris label.

"Algo Nuevo Algo Viejo" is now available on all platforms.

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